Staging your home…..

One of the most important things you can do when selling your home is to prepare your home to sell or “Stage” it. These few tips can help you be successful without having to spend a fortune.1. Clean the clutter! LESS = MORE Remove as many personal items as possible. This provides the buyer with a blank canvas in which they can better imagine how it would look with their belongings.2. Deep clean: Make your home sparkle and shine!

3. Make rooms seem as large as possible: Remove furniture and accessories that are not needed/used. If necessary, rent a small storage unit.

4. Touch up paint: Paint any areas with noticeable wear and tear. A little fresh paint goes a long way and can earn back its cost ten-fold.

5. What’s that smell? Make sure your home smells fresh. You might not notice it, but other’s will. A few dollars spent on some plug-ins and air fresheners will go a long way!

6. Make repairs: Make any significant repairs necessary.

7. Curb appeal! Make sure your yard is mowed and clear of debris. Plant a few vibrant colored flowers to showcase the curb appeal of your home

Posted by Nilesh Jethwa, Wilmington NC Real estate
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