Waterford of the Carolinas, Groups

Bible Study                                                       John Rivera

Books Club, monday night                            Barbara McKeever

 Book Club, couples                                         Linda Cooper

Book-Club, Wed. Women’s                             Carol Roberts

Bridge- Daytime                                               Taff Pierce

Bridge-Evening                                                 Monica Marsten

Bunco                                                                John Hudkins

Cribbage                                                             Joe Metell

Dining out                                                           Joe Metell

Mah Jongg                                                          Kathy Rogers

Neighborhood Watch                                         Patrick Homes

Poker Group                                                       Tim Camden

Reserve Pavilion Reservation                           Mary CEPCO

Travel Club                                                           Jane Hall

Wednesday Afternoon Poker                             Rudy Sammarco

Wednesday Afternooon Poker


PS: Beware of the cheaters

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