Divorce Short Sales, Wilmington NC

Short Sale: Wilmington, NC I’m Getting Divorce and Cannot Afford to Pay the Mortgage

Nilesh Jethwa: Wilmington NC Short Sale Expert

Couple of days ago, I had received a called from a lady and mentioned that she is getting divorce and cannot afford to pay the mortgage alone on her house and also asked “Do I have any options to avoid foreclosure?

She bought the house together with her husband but now they are separating and her husband is moving out of the house and doesn’t want to pay the mortgage.  It was really sad to hear about her current situation and now she is confused what to do with the house.
She tried to refinance and loan modification but bank denied her loan modification due to her high debt to income ratio and couldn’t get refinanced because her house value has gone way down than the loan amount.  She thought foreclosure is the only option at this time.

I explained about short sale and its advantages and disadvantages over foreclosure.  She realized that there are options other than foreclosure and successful short sale will avoid foreclosure from her credit history.

The good news is that her husband is cooperating with the short sale and ready to sign the documents which are required for short sale.  I have sent all the required documents to her so that we can start working on short sale.  At least, after successful short sale, they can move forward on their life without worrying about their mortgage payment and foreclosure.

If you know anyone in the same situation in the Wilmington and Leland NC area, going through divorce, cannot afford the house payment and cannot qualify for loan modification then please refer them to me so that I can help them to sell their house and avoid foreclosure from their credit history.

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