Frost Damaged Plants, Wilmington NC

Frost Damaged Plants

The time to clean up frost damaged plants arrived and many patient gardeners, correctly waited. Those who hurried to prune the damaged parts out relied on chance and luck to make the proper cuts. Maybe they were lucky, maybe not.

Frost damage in plants result from the liquid inside individual cells freezing and forming ice crystals. The crystals then rupture the tough cell wall. When the cell walls open the fluid inside will not be contained so  when the ice melts the fluid simply drain out causing the classic cooked spinach wilted look.

Freeze damage is progressive within plants. The softest tissues like leaves and tender new shoots are hurt first. Tougher stem tissue and buds down from the tips withstand more damage but are not immune if the temperatures are lower and the duration is longer. Limp, dry, and brown leaves damaged from frost stand to easily. Damage to stems and buds remains hidden for the most part.

Recognize how far down the stem damage has occurred takes a trained eye or luck. Tissue may appear undamaged but the damage hides latent until the spring flush of growth.

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Wilmington NC Real Estate


One important thing to remember: the more severe the damage the longer it takes for the older buds to emerge. Young, undamaged buds break and grow early. Buds lying in older parts of the plant need more warmth and other stimuli to began to grow.

When you find the exact point down the stem you can make the appropriate decision as to where to prune. Either cut about ½ inch above that bud if it’s going in the right direction or go further down and find another bud going in a better direction and cut it the same way.

This extra care and proper cutting helps the plant by directing its growth initially thus relieving later fix-up cuts that weaken a plant. Remember pruning is tough on plants. Its removes leaves that make energy for the plant and the plant must expend energy to heal the wound.


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With this in mind the wise gardener waits until the new growth starts in the spring to find the point along the branch where the damage progressed. Once the spring growth happens the site along the branch bare buds break out in new growth marks exactly where the damage stopped.



Small Space Landscaping Ideas, Wilmington NC

Small Space Landscaping Ideas That Add Big Impact


You can enjoy all the rewards that come with gardening even if you are challenged with limited space. Basic design principles still apply-choose a focal point, understand how the plants you choose will thrive in the area that you have selected and create an environment that is beautiful yet fits within the personal time you have to invest in up-keep. Any plant and garden concept can worked into a small garden space; you just have to consider scale. Adding landscaping to any area, regardless of size, brings a valuable addition to your home. Incorporating your personal touch will make it even more fun and satisfying.

Here Are Some Helpful Tips For Getting Started:

·         Assess your space and decide what you hope to achieve in your yard.

·         Be informed on various plants that thrive in tight spaces.

·         Create focal points and make sure they are scaled to your space.

·         Use potted plants, either alone or nestled within your design, to provide visual appeal.

·         Remember every space is important so research your plants, considering future growth and which plants grow most successfully together.

·         Create interest with textures such as decorative rocks, ground covers, borders and stepping stones.

·         Consider incorporating unique elements, such as a bird feeder or wind chimes, into your space to create an even more appealing environment.


Maintain a Healthy Lawn to Maximize Curb Appeal:

·         Aerate the soil to allow water and nutrients to penetrate to the roots.

·         De-thatch often to remove dead grass blades, which build up a barrier that prevents water and oxygen from reaching the root zone.

·         Use compost to improve the nutrients levels in the soil.

·         Water less frequently but for longer periods of time. This allows more water to reach the roots.

·         Fertilize in spring or fall.

·         If grass dies in shady spots, plant flowers that thrive out of the sun in those spots instead.


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Landscaping: Curb Appeal

Landscaping Enhances Your Curb Appeal-and Home Value.

Landscaping, can add 7-15% to your home value. Colorful landscaping, a fresh coat of paint and attention to detail not only bring you enjoyment every day, but they also increase the value of your home. Landscaping can return 100-200% of your investment when it comes time to sell, while Money Magazine reports that a swimming pool returns only 20-50% of your money. Mature landscaping can lower energy costs, dampen noise, and help reduce air pollution. Here are a number of ways to enhance your home’s value through some simple, fun, and relatively inexpensive landscaping ideas.


Landscaping 101

Select Indigenous Plants

Choosing native rather than exotic plants for your landscaping will reduce maintenance and increase curb appeal. Indigenous grasses, trees, and shrubs grow well together and to predictable sizes. They do not need watering (except during establishment), nor do they require chemical fertilizers because they are already adapted to local conditions and insects. Native plants not only accent your home, they also attract colorful birds and butterflies.


Bring Life to Small Spaces


Small garden areas should not feature too many different kinds of plants and materials. This will make your landscaping look cluttered. Paint outdoor walls and fences light shades to open up the space. Take

Advantage of vertical space with shelves, trellises, and hanging pots. Container gardening can work miracles in small spaces, with the added benefit of  being easy to move according to the plants’ needs. If you live in a condo or apartment, revitalize your entryway, patio or balcony with attractive hanging baskets, planters and unique personal accessories.


Cold  Weather Gardening


Keep your landscape from looking cold and bare in the fall and winter months by choosing hardy plants that look great year round. Instead of foliage and flowers, it is important to think in terms of bark, berries and shape. Japanese maple trees have unusually colored bark, while others such as the Japanese pagoda trees have interesting fruits or seeds that form during the fall and winter. Wisteria can form strange, twisting branches, and evergreens plants provide visual appeal against a winter landscape.


Create an Outdoor Space


Create an outside living area by adding a deck or patio for entertaining and relaxing year round. This addition is also a great investment in your home. A 2008 Cost vs. Value Report produced by the Realtor Magazine stated that installing a deck provides up to 81.8% return on investment. There are a variety of different surfaces to fit any particular investment. There are a variety of different surfaces to fit any particular style or budget, including concrete pavers, natural clay, wood, stones, and bricks. Pebbles, gravels, bricks, and tiles can also be incorporated easily and inexpensively.


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