Why live in Gated Communities

.Driving down a lush and grassy street, passing by many familiar faces that wave happily at you, pulling into your driveway and being greeted by your dog-what’s not to love about that?

More and more families have been recently flocking to gated communities. The promise of safety, comfort, and close-knit neighborhoods are the main appeal for most, and not without reason. Because of the similar pricing and looks of housing within the confines of each gated communities, families tend to find neighbors with similar values, politics, economic stances, and tastes. Families may be more inclined to move to a location as such for that reason, as it guarantees close proximity to people that are most like them. Kids will have an easier time finding others in their age-group, and will also most likely attend the same schools together.

Most gated societies offer luxurious benefits, such as ponds, lakes, bike and running trails, pools, golf courses, tennis courts, basketball courts, parks, and clubhouses. It is the modern day throwback to homely communities of decades past, with an emphasis on families and “it takes a village to raise a child” mentality. The secluded aspect of these communities makes heavy and racing traffic less of a concern, and ensures a quieter and safer location for children to play, wonder, and roam.

Additionally, these communities are able to decide together when they want their trash picked up, snow plowed (snow we don’t get snow in Wilmington), security increased, streets cleaned, etc. They usually hold monthly board meetings which help to include most of it’s inhabitants and help keep them satisfied.

Security is a rising concern for many families, and the majority of gated communities have a good amount of security guards and neighborhood watches in place to ensure a certain quality of living. Because these communities are private, it is extremely difficult and rare for them to be penetrated by outsiders. Likewise, door-to-door salesmen and other solicitors will have an especially hard time trying to come through, which is another bonus for families who live within their gates.

The types of locations vary based on taste, budget, and geographical place. Some of these communities are on waterfronts, while others can be found nestled in the mountains. More expensive ones sport large housing units with plenty of land, while other more affordable options are simply a concentrated neighborhood of modest ramblers and split-level homes.

The uniformed code that these communities enforce oftentimes result in high and increasing value of the homes within. More and more families are seeking a traditional look which strays from the gaudiness of recently built homes, and are willing to pay more for a humble, albeit tasteful home in a gated community.


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