Today’s Homes and Appliances are built Smart

Today’s Homes and Appliances are Built Smart.

Here are some ways you can integrate new technology into your home so you can both relax and increase its value.

The Future:  Whole House Remote Control

With home automation, the ability to control every aspect of your home-from lighting and room temperature to entertainment center- can be held in your hand. A “smart home” uses a single centralized controller to integrate various systems, so that with the push of button, you can turn on lights, open or close blinds, adjust multiple rooms to your desired temperature or even activate or deactivate you security system. You can set a group of actions to happen when certain events occur.

Just about anything you plug in can be networked into your home automation system. This makes your life easier and provides a great point if you decide to put your home on the market.



Be Smart. Save Energy and Money with Efficient Appliances

Cut you monthly utilities bills while helping the environment by purchasing appliances- refrigerators, dishwashers, laundry machine, ECT. – That is energy efficient. The Plant (and your wallet) will thank you.


Look for the Energy Star Label

Energy Star products exceed the minimum energy efficient requirements set by the federal government. In addition, utilities and state government may offer rebates on Energy Star- related models. Pay attention to the Energy Guide label as well. This label allows you to compare the typical annual energy consumption and operating cost of different models of the type of appliances you’re thinking of buying.


Choose The Right Size

Why buy an oversized appliance when a smaller counterpart will get the job done? When you choose the appliance that fits your needs, you’ll save money and reduce your energy bill.


Choose Natural Gas

Look for dyers and water heaters that run on natural gas, rather than electricity.


Think Long Term

Energy efficient appliances last for years and will lower your monthly utility bills over the lifetime of the appliances higher initial purchase price.



Join me next week as I go over HOW TO HIGH TECH YOU HOME?


Posted by Nilesh Jethwa Wilmington, NC


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