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Home staging is an exciting way to create a beautiful, warm environment that can be enjoyed by all.  Whether you are staging your home to sell, opening your home to friends or you desire an instant face-lift, home staging is an easy and affordable design option that can be done room-by-room….

Living Areas– When a room is in order; it looks good, feels good and allows potential buyers to visualize their own things in the home. Make sure everything has its own place. Splashes of color can be achieved with flowers, artwork, or accessories.

Bathroom– Expect guest and prospective buyers to use your bathroom. Make sure your towels are clean and properly hung up. A common trick is to place fresh white towels for display purposes and keep your everyday towels out of sight.

Bedrooms– The biggest problem with staging a bedroom is to make sure there is ample storage available so that clothing and toys can be put out of sight. Invest a little money in a good closet organizer and you will be able to keep your bedrooms clutter-free and orderly.

Kitchen– A creative spice rack will keep your counters clean and can bring some flair to your kitchen. Spices come in many different colors and textures, so find a way to make them work for you. If you use copper pots, consider displaying them with a hanging pot rack.

Outdoors– Keep your tools and the kids’ toys out of sight. Maintain you landscaping properly: mow the lawn and trim the edges regularly. Prune any bushes or trees that block the view out of your windows.


10 inexpensive ways to freshen up your home:

1.     Buy new towels for the bathroom.

2.     Upgrade outdoor lighting.

3.     Install new doorknobs and cabinet handles.

4.     Make a centerpiece for you dining room table.

5.     Buy a new mailbox.

6.     Polish or replace your house numbers.

7.     Place fresh flowers or houseplants around the home.

8.     Buy color-coordinated pillows for the sofa and bed.

9.     Replace your worn doormat.

10.                         Set out subtle potpourri or scented candles.


Posted by:  Nilesh Jethwa Wilmington and Leland Real Estate.


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