Small Space Landscaping Ideas, Wilmington NC

Small Space Landscaping Ideas That Add Big Impact


You can enjoy all the rewards that come with gardening even if you are challenged with limited space. Basic design principles still apply-choose a focal point, understand how the plants you choose will thrive in the area that you have selected and create an environment that is beautiful yet fits within the personal time you have to invest in up-keep. Any plant and garden concept can worked into a small garden space; you just have to consider scale. Adding landscaping to any area, regardless of size, brings a valuable addition to your home. Incorporating your personal touch will make it even more fun and satisfying.

Here Are Some Helpful Tips For Getting Started:

·         Assess your space and decide what you hope to achieve in your yard.

·         Be informed on various plants that thrive in tight spaces.

·         Create focal points and make sure they are scaled to your space.

·         Use potted plants, either alone or nestled within your design, to provide visual appeal.

·         Remember every space is important so research your plants, considering future growth and which plants grow most successfully together.

·         Create interest with textures such as decorative rocks, ground covers, borders and stepping stones.

·         Consider incorporating unique elements, such as a bird feeder or wind chimes, into your space to create an even more appealing environment.


Maintain a Healthy Lawn to Maximize Curb Appeal:

·         Aerate the soil to allow water and nutrients to penetrate to the roots.

·         De-thatch often to remove dead grass blades, which build up a barrier that prevents water and oxygen from reaching the root zone.

·         Use compost to improve the nutrients levels in the soil.

·         Water less frequently but for longer periods of time. This allows more water to reach the roots.

·         Fertilize in spring or fall.

·         If grass dies in shady spots, plant flowers that thrive out of the sun in those spots instead.


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